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As an artist, as well as an interior designer, Albert (Bert) Lee John, Jr. is inspired by many things: antiques, art, travel, nature, culture and people.  Perhaps his most significant influence and inspiration is from his upbringing. Having grown up in a family of artists and antique dealers in the coastal city of Jacksonville, Florida, his family’s passion for their work and for art was passed on to Bert. His natural talent and expertise was enhanced by his years pursuing his master’s degree in the graduate Interior Design Program at Savannah College of Art and Design. Upon completion of his degree, Bert immediately started painting professionally, while also practicing residential interior design regionally. 

Bert’s work reflects the coastal waterways and landscapes of his childhood.  Most pieces generate from tangible images, either photographs or plein air landscapes. Some pieces are representative and others evolve to abstractions. Bert remarks, “With intention, I add an atmospheric perspective or haziness to many pieces to literally blur the scene."  This subtle manipulation allows the viewer to imagine a setting, perhaps from a memory, which elicits an emotional reaction to a painting. Bert holds the honor of having had his works featured on national television shows, in national and local publications and in juried shows of regional museums. His paintings grace the interiors of celebrities’ residences and the homes of design clients alike.   

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